Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Installing Apache tomcat and starting Geoserver

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We will be learning how to start geoserver by installing Apache tomcat on a windows operating  system.

1. Installation of Apache tomcat :

 go to the official website of Apache tomcat /Download by using the following link :   and download the binary file  as per your operating system .. for example i have downloaded the following version:

64-bit Windows zip (pgp, md5)

extract the  apache-tomcat-6.0.36 from the zip folder and then place it in the C:\ Drive.

2. Download  Java JDK  and set the path in environmental varaibles dialogue box as shown below :

you can access this window by pressing windows screen key on the keyboard and pause key simultaneously.
- go to the advanced systems settings tab

 and then to the environmental variables tab
 and add the java_home variable and the path in user variable dialogue box.

there is another method of adding the JAVA_HOME but we need to set the path every time we want to start the Apache tomcat  as shown below :

- go to search programs and then type in run  and then cmd to get the command prompt window as shown below .
- then change the directory to the location where we have kept Apache tomcat , for example my path is C:\apache-tomcat.
- once we are in c:\apache-tomcat , we need to set the JAVA_HOME by giving the path to the jdk directory(my jdk direcory is stored inC:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_09) , as shown below.

*******NOTE******* if we are following the second method we need to follow these steps everytime we go ahead and start apache tomcat.

 We need to download the geoserver web archive  by going to the following website :

we need to extract the geoserver.war file from the archive and place it in Apache Tomcat /webapps directory ( C:\apache-tomcat\webapps)

once this done

we need to go to the command prompt  and change the directory to  C:\apache-tomcat\bin and then give the command as startup.bat

 you would get a java applet which shows that geoserver is starting as shown below

- once this is done we need to go ahead and type in localhost:8080/geoserver in the address bar to start using the geoserver. you would get a webpage as shown below :

to loginto geoserver we need to give in the

username :admin
password :geoserver

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